List of BPI Rice Importers as of August 29, 2023

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  1. Ali akbar

    Dear Mr

    Greeting from malir rice processing mill

    We are pleased to introduce our company ever green international trading we have been active in exporting perishable goods business since the year 2016. We have diversified products in rice. We are pleased to inform you that we have some of the biggest clients spread all across the world & specially in china , africa, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and have been successfully providing them our good’s ensuring that our client requirements at satisfactory level.

    Following types of rice
    386 red
    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Ali akbar marketing manager

    1. BPI NPQSD

      Hi Sir Ali,

      Kindly email your concern to in order for our import section to address it properly.
      Thank you very much, Sir Ali.

  2. Rhona Baraquiel

    Good Day How I can Download Certificate of Registration of our Company Maunlad Rice Mill Corp?

    1. NPQSD-Central

      Hi, good day, Ms. Baraquiel. As per our licensing unit, we don’t post the Certificate of Registration of any company on our website. Thus, we only publish non-sensitive information about the company through our secured Quick Response (QR) code generated by our system.

      If you want to verify further and resolve your concern, you can directly connect with one of our available staff to help you. Just click on this link and chat/call/email us.

      Thank you, and stay safe.

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